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Dragon Quest Podcast at Crunk Games


Last year, a couple of months before SCROLL started, my reliable partner Alex Fraioli and I put up a special one-off podcast on our old site, Crunk Games. The subject was the Phantasy Star Online series, since it had just turned 10 years old, and was one of the few game series we can share experiences with (Alex is teetering on the edge of being a lapsed gamer, but he's a great guy, really).

This year, we've done pretty much the same thing, but with Dragon Quest. We sat down -- this time with him in my house instead of vice-versa -- and just went down the list of DQ games, talking about each one. If you've read issue 02, there isn't a whole lot new other than the fact that the guys who wrote most of it are now speaking out loud to each other, and that we speak about Dragon Quest X more, now that everybody knows what it is.

Nevertheless, it was great fun, and now we just need to think of the next series to talk about. Go ahead and have a listen to our new Crunk Games Podcast Special: 25 Years of Dragon Quest.